Sagat patil

(Founder & CEO of School of Skills)

Sagar is the one who knows how to make things simple as he known as Simplifier, being the Founder of SCHOOL OF SKILLS he believes to make Skillpreneurs across the Nation.


(Founder Of Suvies Ready To Eat Products)
(Founder Of Shambhaav Studios)

A Person who Believes that, Everything Happens for a reason that is Good. So, He Started his Business with small cart at Pune. now, being Founder of 2 Amazing Company. “If you want to Follow your Passion, make sure you have Patience too.”


(Founder of Reynith Wealth management)

A Marwari Munda always understands the Numbers & profit of the Business but instead of joining a family Business he decided to follow his own Strategies and he got amazing results from hundreds of Retailers.


Vaishnavi thinks, ” Designing is the way to show your Creative Thinking.” she put her Emotions into her Designing. Emotions and Practicality make her designs Perfect !!

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