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systematic scientific counselling

Systematic Scientific Counselling

For the systematic scientific counseling, we are providing DMIT test

what is DMIT?

DMIT – Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test.

This is a Scientific method with a combination of Psychology to analyze a person’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats wherein a person can improve for betterment. It also gives us VAK- Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic understanding of learning habits which is helpful for their education method.


Multiple Intelligence tests By Dr. Harward Gardner give u the best knowledge of 8 different types of intelligence in every human being. 


4 different types of Personality match your behavior pattern with your loved ones and with outsiders how we behave. This gives us the way to understand how a person is the best part of DMIT is giving you accurate guidance on CAREER which career to select based on 5-star ratings given in the report. Options to select career stream selection on Arts, Commerce, or Science… Is the best catch of DMIT.


There’s a lot more to understand in the report, which will help a person grow towards the counselor’s best guidance.


We have an expert counselor team for this process who is having a minimum of 8+ years of experience in career counseling.

After this counseling students get clarity & they can identify their actual strengths & weaknesses.

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