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Stress is not what happens to us. It is our response to what happens. And I think response is what we can choose.
In technical terms stress means a state of mental and emotional tension resulting from adverse circumstances.
And if somehow, we manage to divert our mind, control our emotions and channel our energy into something positive then we can manage our stress levels.
Because if we don’t manage our stress levels it could result into the following things: –
Serious health issues such as obesity, heart diseases, depression, Alzheimer etc.
Speed up aging process
Low immunity
Low brain functionality
In layman’s language you’ll experience difficulty in making decisions, completing your chores on time, you’ll feel lazy and tired and you might feel pressurized and overburdened all the time.
Now, after knowing all this it does seem like how difficult it is to deal with stress and it might even make you more stressful. But there’s no need to worry as here I’m going to share some steps which you could take to ace stress management.
     1) we need to identify the things and situations which stresses us out.
And I am not saying that you should avoid stressful situations. All I am saying is, once you identify the things that stress you, you can now figure out which of these things are not that important. You will realize
that you’re just wasting your time thinking more and more about them. This way you could reduce the number of things that increases your stress level.
     2) after identifying the things, start identifying the people Who cause stress in your life. there is no need for that kind of people around you. Try to cut those people out of life or spend as much less time as you can with them.
     3) It is also important to know how much you can do. Taking more and more on your plate is just going to increase your stress. You need to understand what must be done and what could be avoided. This way you will actually be able to complete some work in a day.
     4) Make a to do list. I’m not talking about just writing down all the work which you need to do. I’m asking you to make a list of all the work, according to its level of urgency. Like you know which Work should definitely be done today and what kind of work could be postponed. Also make a balance schedule. That means there should be enough recreation time and enough working time. All work, no play makes your boring person.
     5) Sometimes talking about what you are feeling also helps to reduce stress. Proper communication helps a lot. If someone is doing something that is making you stressful then talk it out in a respectful way. As sharing what’s on your mind reduces its burden.
     6) Stop Aiming for perfectionism. Set reasonable goals. It’s OK if you’re just doing good enough. You don’t have to be perfect all the time. If you accept that then you will be able to avoid stress.
     7) Sometimes good distractions also act as Stress Busters. Exercising,
listening to music, dancing, playing a video game or taking a walk helps to divert the mind and helps to reduce stress.
     8) It is also important to maintain a proper social Life. Sometimes it’s good to take a break from work and go out and connect with people’ meet new people or sit down with your old friends and talk about memories and stuff. It really helps to relax you down. You could go out with your friends or have your own leisure time. Do things that you really enjoy to do. It rejuvenates your mood.
     9) Doing meditation and yoga also helps the body to relax. It helps the avoid restlessness.
     10) Lastly Maintain a good lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle. Have a proper diet. Eat your meals on time. Avoid consumption of energy drinks and caffeine and take proper sleep. Get a good 7 hours sleep. It helps relax your mind the most. It remove tiredness from mind as well as body and makes you feel fresh.
There is a possibility that not all of these things would work for everyone. Each and every person is different and the way they deal with stress is also going to be different. So, I believe it’s all about experimentation. It’s all about trial-and-error method. You need to try each and everything. And see what works best for you.
I have heard someone say-: No work is stressful, it’s your inability to manage your body, mind and emotions that makes you stressful.
And with the use of abovementioned tips, you will definitely be able to Control And manage. Your emotions, body and mind properly. And if there are some things that you cannot control’ you’ll know how to avoid or adapt to them.