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(Founder & CEO of School of Skills) (co-Founder of Phygital Business Clinic)

Sagar Patil

I have always believed in self-Growth. Determination towards a goal is the one constant I tend to rely upon. Throughout my journey of 3 years and more, I have faced a lot of hurdles in professional life and personal life as well(“Not all hustle is loud), but I have learned one thing – No matter where you are, what you have achieved, always keep striving for more. “I’m living every day like a hustle. Another drug to juggle, Another day, another struggle. Withstanding that, I am presenting a piece of my heart, my dream project of my life to y’all – the website. With content created by me & young talents like you who are reading this. This website will have a lot of things you want to know about or acquire a skill set.

Ronak Sorathiya is one of the Youngest Inspirational Speaker, Youth Mentor & Trainer in India. Also, he is a Language Trainer, He has knowledge of many languages. Ronak sorathiya talk to make people Joyful, Energetic & Focused. Personally, being Young and having so much Experience Ronak is one of the Best Youth Mentor one can ever have. His Energetic and heartwarming presentation style makes his audience Enthusiastic and overwhelmed. He changed many people’s lives through Mentoring. All he has is a never-dying learning attitude, a desire to help as many people as possible to better their lives and doing something great for the society, and that motivates him to take the initiative to change people’s lives.

(Founder of Phygital Business Clinic)
(Founder of Suvies Ready to Eat Products)
(Founder of Shambhaav Studios)

Shikhar Sambhaav

Founder of Suvies Ready to Eat Products and Co-Owner of ShiShaa Productions. Ideo Film Design from Symbiosis Institute of Designing winning Best Cinematographer Award for the Batch 2013-2017. Started my entrepreneur journey from college times when I just wanted to start something new and something different where me and a friend started an E Commerce website. From those days itself started my Cooking journey which lead me to Creating the first ever Texas Style BBQ Cart serving World BBQ Flavors called The Wheel Barrow! After successfully running it and for 1.5year being called for various events like NH7, Finally realised to make this healthy food reach Billions of people. Which lead to Suvies!

Mansi Jain

I am Mansi Jain. Completed my graduation in business administration. Currently pursuing my master’s degree in human resource management. I am passionate about teaching. Also I love to read and review books in my leisure time. I also run a YouTube channel with handle Books’Gossip. I want to pursue my career as an educator.

Ankita Gora
(Professional Model and Actor)

Ankita Gora

Hey guys Ankita Gora this side ,a professional model and actor since 6 years now I have started my profession in the early age of 16. Bagging 9 Beauty Pageant titles till date namely Miss Pune Teen 2017, Glamworld Miss India 2018, Miss International Indian Beauty 2018 and 6 more I have also been featured in International Magazines like Grazia, Vogue and Just Urbane. I feel so proud to be Face of the Ornate Magazine and Face of Sugar Cosmetics. Show Judge for 6 pageants nationwide and being the Show Stopper I have worked with brands like Mercedes Benz all the way to Tony and Guy, London. I would love to give all my experiential teachings to you and looking forward to see you all walk the ramp with me!

Romil Gaywala

Hyper-Realistic Sketch Artist at Romil Art Studio.Like many engineers, I found my love for art in engineering I begun sketching people back in 2017 when I was in 3rd year. It’s been a rollercoaster ride for me as an artist and I’m learnings new things about life through art everyday. I offer beautiful handmade realistic sketches of yours and your loved ones for various occasions like birthdays, marriages, anniversaries and etc. I also teach how to draw realistic portraits and conduct workshops.Till now I’ve been a part of 3 exhibitions in surat and one of them was in Science Center. Along with an Art I’m a reader and part of a BYOB (Bring your own book) club and I’m an animal rights activist and vegan.

Romil Gaywala
(Founder of Romil Art Studio)
(Founder of LABEL – Minal Gupta)
(Fashion Designer)

Minal Gupta

It is owned by designer Minal Gupta. Her brand is renowned for its distinctive use of colours, quality of fabrics, perfect fit and stitch and a gloriously new age Indian aesthetic.I started my career in fashion line in 2018, while i was still pursuing my graduation in Fashion Designing from Inifd Surat. I firmly believes in freedom and equality of women and thus followed the path of an entrepreneur to show the world that nothing is impossible for a dedicated, strong and independent woman in modern India. In 2019 I launched my brand LABEL – Minal Gupta and dedicated myself in providing Fashion Consultancy and Latest Designer customised outfits at revolutionary prices. Also i was awarded for her collection from inifd as a glamourous sequence of the year in 2018.

Kavita Jithra

I am Kavita Jithra, an internationally trained and certified professional make up artist with certification from Amsterdam and have also given level 3 diploma in VTCT from UK which is internationally acclaimed. I am a graduate in psychology from Mumbai university. I believe everyone is naturally beautiful, my passion is to understand different skin tones, facial features and add glamour to everyone. My sole aim is to enhance the beauty by highlighting the natural features beautifying the real You within you. I am professionally trained in contouring, highlighting,air brush make up, 3D make up, HD make up and right use of products for different skin tones. I have worked with many celebrities and TV stars and they all have been extremely happy and satisfied with my work. “When you look beautiful, you feel beautiful and when you feel beautiful you get the power from within to face the world with confidence.”Look your Best always as the world is looking at You!

(celebrity makeup artist)
(Founder of Reynith Wealth management)

Aayush Sharma

CFA level 1 Financial analyst, Jmarathon financial services, Hyderabad (2019)
Emarked on the journey of ntrepreneurship from the early college days itself, when couple fo friends and I started an international trading company along with getting our hands into the ever-growing E-commerce market. Along side, Continued on the journey of getting familiar with the world of finance and the technical know how of it, which lead to the foundation of Reynith Wealth management, an asset management company which focuses on safe and steady returns for our clients’ investment while also safeguarding them against any unforeseen circumstances, Taking care of their financial health.

Taneea Rajawat

Taneea Rajawat is an actress hails from Dhar (M.P)
Who started her journey as an actress with a Mytho show on Paras channel Mahasatimaina Sundari
And acted in film such as love and Shukla streaming on Netflix
Has won 2 awards for her Shortfilm blue funk in international festival circuit.

(Professional Model and Actor)
(HOD Of IT-Solutions at Phygital Business Clinic)

Nikhil Bhatt

Hey, This is Nikhil Bhatt. IT Developer, Enthusiastic and absolutely funny guy!
I’m working as a web developer with Phygital Business Clinic. having experience of more than 5 years. And I have achieved many things through these years. Also have many goals to achieve. I believe that life is the greatest teacher, and life has taught me that whenever you start something new always remember that Start small & Think big.

Manasvi Patel

Hey there, I am Manasvi Patel. I am a more creative type of person & Love to do Creative work Like website designing and art and Crafting. that’s why I have started working on it in 2017 and have Insta/FB Page called “Art & Craft Gallery”. And will start my youtube channel very soon. I have started selling my products like Exploding Boxes, Scrapbooks, Birthday gifts, Handmade Chocolates, and other crafting works too. and people just loved that a lot and from that, I got a very good customer base. Also, love to do web-designing and that’s why I’m working with the Phygital business clinic as an IT developer as well. cooking is my passion so I want to start something entrepreneurial with it as well.

(IT Developer at Phygital Business Clinic)
Rohit Sinha
(talent acquisition recruiter at Phygital Business Clinic)

Rohit Sinha

I am Rohit Sinha and I am a talent acquisition recruiter at phygital business clinic. Recruiting is not just a hiring talent, but it is connected with responsibility to providing the best platform for the candidate to implement his skills, so being as a recruiter it becomes my responsibility to find the right person for the right place. Apart of Recruiting people, I am the one passionate about digital world and that’s the reason I am always eager to help entrepreneurs or businessman to increase their business awareness with the help of my digital marketing strategies. Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Learning never exhausts the mind” therefor I believe whenever I learn something new, I see the new version of myself.

our mentors

Nikita Agarwal
(Assistant Professor at Bhagwan Mahavir University)

Nikita Agarwal

Hi, I’m Nikita Agarwal, Assistant Professor at Bhagwan Mahavir University, having 5+ years of teaching experience with a focus in Marketing and HR. I have presented and published research papers in national and international journals. I have taught students ranging from ages 10 to 25+, which makes me well aware of all levels of education. My passion for helping others and my nation has been evident in my involvement in the Anti Corruption Intelligence Committee as a Vice President of Surat city. I pride myself on achieving the Gold Medal for being the Outstanding Student of the Year in 2013-14, clearing UGC NET and GSET exams and currently pursuing PhD from GTU.I look forward to seeing you all soon and sharing my experiences.

Roshani Parekh

Roshani Parekh…A housemaker, Enterprenuer, DMIT counselor and a Trainer & a Mother of 2 kids. Having 16 yrs of professional experience in service Industry. Have done Counselling for 800 people’s from 3 yrs till 55 yrs young. Passionate to make change in today’s generation and their parents to get better understanding and compatibility between them. Today’s generation is far more enthusiastic and aggressive they just need little more push towards right path to succeed. That’s what I’m doing giving them a little extra PUSH with the help of my experience and knowledge of DMIT and real life experience which I have faced. That’s all about me what I can explain.

(DMIT Expert)
(Co-Founder Of Sarthi Solutions)
(Certified NLP Coach)
(Life Coach & Corporate Trainer)

Ashwin Dubey

Ashwin Dubey is a Certified NLP Subconscious Reimprinting Life Coach and Corporate Trainer.
Having more than 21 years of experience in FMCG, telecom, durable and banking industries with top giants like Tata, Reliance, Idea, Aditya Birla Payment Bank. Telenor Norway and Nerolac Paints.In corporate training and NLP Coaching he has successfully conducted sessions with Mahindra Group of companies, Sagar Institution of management, SAGE University, Bhagwan Mahaveer College, RNG Patel Institute and transform the life of more than 5k plus individuals and Corporate employees.He believe that every individual is unique, training and coaching help them to Transform their life for growth and success, his empathetic, compassionate and ‘Open to Learn’ attitude, helps people to transform and build their self-Image as confident, happy individual and professionals. 


Khushal Sharma is one of the youngest top-earning businessmen in the network marketing industry in India. Most of his life goals are accomplished already at the age of 24. Along with his aims, he has actively worked towards uplifting his peers on a path of financial freedom as well. Khushal currently lives in Bangalore, Karnataka. His current mission is to travel the world and learn new things from different cultures and parts of the world. He wants to help every young entrepreneur in their journey of financial satisfaction and abundance by making an extra revenue stream. He delivers motivational speeches and talks to millions of young minds and is on a mission to reshape their ideas for success. He feels blessed to be sharing this kind of space with some big names in the network marketing industry.
Khushal Sharma is an inspiration for us all. His story reflects a strong work ethic and also a commitment to work for the better of his community in the network marketing industry. To learn more about this inspirational personality, follow his work on social media, and become a part of his large community.

Khushal Sharma
(Network Marketing Expert)
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