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We are excited to extend an invitation to you for our upcoming speaking mastery workshop. This 5days workshop is designed to help individuals like you to develop their speaking & presentation skills and become more confident and effective communicators.
You will have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and gain valuable insights from our expert speakers.

India's one of the youngest skillpreneur.

master your speaking skills

5 Days workshop

8 May, 2023

7am - 9am

9pm - 11pm

Sagar Patil

Skillpreneur | Foundation of School of Skill | Co-founder of DGeasy



“This guy is on a mission! Funny, enigmatic, intelligent and heartfelt.”

1: Framing The Speech

Clearing stage fear | Words Speech | Extroverting Yourself

2: Interpersonal Communication

Effectful Communication | Sharing thoughts with other | Stranger to Family

3: Creative Communication

Greater Impression | Impactful Creation in Everythingelf

4: Negotiation

win-win Situation | Humanity | Common Solution

5: Channel of communication

0-1 ( one to one ) | 0-100 (one to many) | 0-1000(one to mass)

India's one of the youngest skillpreneur.

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master your speaking skills

India's one of the youngest skillpreneur.

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