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Self confidence means having trust in oneself.

  • It is when you accept your strengths and weaknesses and have full control over your actions. You know what you can do and what you cannot do which makes it easier for you to handle criticism.
  • There could be certain reasons as to why people have low self are afraid of doing something and create a mental barrier which prevents you from doing that particular thing accurately resulting in low self confidence.
  • Being guilty Of doing wrong to someone stops you from taking a step ahead and makes you feel low and helpless.
  • Setting up and realistic goals could lead to having a low self confidence, as you are not able to achieve them and it makes you believe that you are not capable of doing anything.
  • Most common reason is that you actually don’t know the meaning of self confidence. You belief that being a perfectionist means you are self confident. No one never knows what is going to happen, so no one could plan. it could never be perfect. Basically confidence comes from the fact that whatever comes your way you are ready to face it with your 100% efforts.
  • Reasons for lack of confidence could be some kind of trauma or mental abuse in the form of humiliation, bullying and harassment(mental, social, emotional, sexual).
  • Sometimes the way our parents treat us leaves an impact on us. Basically that is the first point where you will either gain confidence or loose it.
  • Now we know that what is self confidence and what are the reasons but how do one identifies if they lack confidence or not. Well here are some of the things which could help you check whether you lack confidence or not-:
    1. If you constantly check your phone while you are in a social gathering where you don’t know anyone, it shows a lack of confidence to interact with people.
    2. If you are not comfortable in your own skin it definitely shows lack of confidence it means that every time you step out of the house you need to look Good not for you but for others. Putting on makeup and getting ready is not wrong unless you are doing it for someone else and not yourself.
    3. Whenever someone criticises even a bet about your work, do that criticism might prove helpful you feel like having a breakdown. You start screaming and shouting and yelling and everyone around you. it is definitely one of the signs.
    4. Giving up on dreams without even trying a 100% shows that you lack confidence in yourself. You gave up because you feel you won’t be able to achieve it.
    5. Worst of all signs I believe is when you start comparing yourself with others. No good can come out of it. the only person you should compare yourself is with you. how much you have grown personally that is what should matter to you.
    6. Having an improper body posture while you present yourself in front of others or while you talk with others also shows lack of confidence
    7. If you are always an sure about the decisions you make under your always anxious about what outcome is going to be it shows a bit of lack of confidence.
    8. What people think matters to you the most and because of that you neglect what you think and no do you want.
    9. You are always into doing the routine jobs and you are never up for challenges is also one of the signs
    10. You always seek approval of people around you. You want them to like you and for that you might agree to whatever they are saying even if they are wrong.
  • Now that you have known the signs it’s time to learn how you could develop self confidence in you. if you want to know just keep reading:-
    1. Think of all the things that you are good at. Knowing your abilities your strengths makes you feel much more confident than before.
    2. Take a paper and pen and make a list of all the things that you have achieved in your life. Knowing that you have achieved so much makes you feel confident that you could achieve more in future.
    3. Talk positive to yourself. I know right now it might sound crazy but when you think negative about yourself it will never work in a good way. So try talking to yourself and saying good and positive things and you might end up having a good feeling about yourself.
    4. Start with setting up a to do list or some realistic goals and plan not your activities to achieve them. as soon as you are able to complete them you will feel much more confident about yourself.
    5. Stop running away from your mistakes. Accept them gracefully and learn from them.
    6. If you did something good you should feel good about it don’t wait for others to come and compliment you.
    7. Have a positive body posture don’t look down on nervous look up, smile and say I can do anything and believe me you’ll have the strength to face your fears. Right now this might sound stupid but trust me this works lot better in real situations.
    8. Most importantly stop procrastinating. Get out of the bed get ready exercise and complete that to do list.
    9. Go ahead volunteer yourself for stuff which you never thought you will be doing. I know it can be scary but if you just go with the flow it might turn out to be fun.
    10. Lastly, gain as much knowledge as you can. The more you know about things the more confident you become while talking about them or doing them.
    I hope you are now quite clear I store what is self confidence and how to you know if you like it and what to do to develop it in yourself.