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Speak when you are angry and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret.

Sometimes we say things that we don’t mean.
Sometimes we talk in a very loud. And rude voice.
Sometimes even when a small thing does not go as we thought it would be it makes us angry.
Sometimes when someone proves us wrong it makes us feel angry.
Sometimes even on the smallest of issues, we tend to hurt others physically or verbally.
Sometimes when. We are anxious or depressed about some problem or issue going on in our life. We tend to take it out as anger on our parents, friends. I’m close once.
Anger is a strong emotion that you feel when you think that someone has behaved in an unfair, cruel or unacceptable way.
Anger is not something which only occurs in adults. Children also feel anger. Moreover, adults still know how to control their anger for some time but children do not know how to deal with Anger. Sometimes anger in children into Frustration as it is not addressed properly. Therefore, it is really necessary to deal with anger in a proper way rather than suppress it.
The technique of Anger management helps us to understand the reasons Behind why we feel insecure, disappointed or anxious and helps us to find out ways to deal with this feeling.
In technical terms, anger management is a Psychotherapeutic program for Anger prevention and control.
For anger management. First, we need to analyze the reasons. That make us angry. We need to observe ourselves and see the patterns and situations in which we feel angry.
There could be many reasons. That make us feel. Anxious and angry Such as-Personal problems.

  • Issues in professional life.
  • Relationship problems?
  • difficulty in studies.
  • Bad event in a day.
  • Traumatic memory. Etc.

But do you know why is it important to deal with anger rather than suppress it? It is the because when we’re angry we’re not able to think in a clear way. It causes stress and depression and more anxiety. We won’t be able to get our work done. Our mind won’t be able to focus on solutions. It would rather stay just on the problem. When we are angry, all we could focus on is negative thoughts. There is no positivity around us. Anger brings nothing but destruction around us. Therefore, it is really important to deal with anger issues properly before we do anything regrettable.
Now the question arises that how could we deal with anger?
There are many ways in which one could deal with anger by themselves. Some of them are. -:

  • When you feel angry Try to make yourself calm by taking deep long breaths. Try to think about your happy place. Some happy thoughts or a happy memory. Helps you to feel relaxed. It gives you time. To think about what Was making you angry.
  • Whenever you’re angry about something with someone. Don’t go right away to fight with him. Give some time to yourself. Analyze the situation. Think would you want to say. Because if you won’t think and go right away then you will end up saying things that you really don’t want to.
  • If you’re angry with somebody, then rather than fighting with them, try to have a proper communication. Try to discuss as to why they did. What day did? And try to explain it to them as to how it affected you. Sometimes a proper communication, real talking is all you need. It helps in venting out our emotions.
  • When you are facing a situation that is making you feel angry, try to look at it in some other way. Change the way. You are analyzing the problem. Don’t worry if you don’t have the solution right away. If you will change the way you look at problems, you’ll definitely find a unique solution.
  • Divert your mind to some other activity, maybe some physical activity or something you like your hobby. This will shift your focus and energy from whatever you are angry about to the task you’re doing now. And when you’re calm enough, then you can again think about the problem which was making you angry.
  • Always learn how to let go of things. If you keep holding up grudge forever you will never be at peace. Something inside you will always feel heavy and negative. Try forgiving. It really provides rest and peace to the mind.
  • Still, if your anger issues are out of control than it would be recommended to seek professional help. You should consult a therapist and they would help you to. Deal with your feelings in a much better way.

These are some of the techniques which helped me to control my anger issues. Each and every one of these have worked with me and I really hope that by sharing these things with you guys, I’m able to help you.
There is this saying “think before you speak.” Trust me, when you’re angry. You should not speak or just keep thinking till you are angry. Thank you.