School of Skills

  • Have you ever wished that you had the self-discipline and the motivation to keep pursuing your goals even when the going gets tough?
  • Do you wish that you could control your emotions and channel them into productive energy so that you keep moving towards success no matter what you feel?
  • Do you feel like your career, you’re personal relationships, and your life goals are negatively impacted by procrastination, lack of motivation, fear, and anxiety, and other kinds of obstacles?
  • Do you wish that you had the life skills to cope with any challenge that comes your way?

    Emotional intelligence is an ability to control one’s emotions and feelings in order to get better and productive results from the work pursuing or any life situation.
    This ability leads to more success and focus to one’s priorities.
    It usually happens with the youth currently that due to lack of emotional intelligence they get distracted and take wrong decisions which leads them towards failure and sorrow.
    The heart rules the mind and some how the breakdowns like self-doubt, anger, irritation, sorrow etc are faced by the youngsters.
    And when we struggle with our mental health, it feels like we’re on a sinking boat.
    It becomes difficult to stay productive at work,we losemotivation , concentration and though don’t perform optimally.
    For most of us we have been trained to leave our emotions and not to pay much attention to it ,as a result we’ve become detached from our emotions and can’t figure it out particularlythe powerful ones such as sorrow ,anger, anxiety.
    But while we can suppress or deny our emotions , we cannot get rid of them. Whether we recognise them or not they are still there.
    Until you are connected to your emotions , you cannot cope with stress, fully understand your actions, or regulate how you think and behave.
    SO Emotional intelligence helps to recognise , comprehend , and Manage your own emotions in order to reduce stress and anxiety ,communicate with situation, connect with others , overcome life’s obstacles and resolve conflict.

    • It has five composite scales:
    • Stress management
    • Self-perception
    • Self-expressions
    • Interpersonal
    • Decision making


    The most crucial composite in improving YOURSELF is stress management. We all know that stress cannot be eliminated completely, so the aim should be to boost our own ability to cope with stress without a decrease in performance. By improving ourselves ability to manage stress when things are changing or are not going well, we’ll be able to face larger challenges with more self-assurance and emotional resilience. We will have positive attitude and will be able to adapt more easily to strange and unpredictable situations.


    Self-perception is one of the core components of emotional intelligence and is all about how one sees themselves. When we are able to recognize own own emotions and how it impacts our thoughts and behaviors, we’ll be able to control and direct ourselves better and work more effectively. Once we enhance our self-perception abilities, we’ll have a greater understanding of our strengths and weaknesses. We will gain self-confidence and belief in our abilities, which will allowus to believe we can and we will achieve the work easily and effectively —ultimately adopting a mindset of discipline and mind controls to be more productive, optimistic, and adaptable. 


    When we have too much going on in our life, whether it be at work or in our personal life, our mental health gets affected. However, most of us are rigid or shy to ask for help from the people around us. hencewe’ll be overemotional and tend to face other emotions due to lack of sharing, more likely to become burned out or distracted, and less likely to perform to the best of our ability. In fact, distraction at work leads to less productivity and creates more stress.. By giving power to oneself to develop the ability within self-expression, we’ll be able to narrate and express our internal thoughts to others effectively and clearly communicate our needs and desires.  We will also learn to balance knowing when to ask for help and when we have the emotional stamina to manage independently.


    Its very important and core factor of emotional intelligence to build interpersonal relationship around you.

    This helps in dealing with the negative thoughts around you and gives you vision as well as direction to move out from it and focus on the good part or the things you have to achieve in life.


    We make many decisions in our life but it becomes difficult to take decisions when we are overpowered by our emotions , when our heart starts ruling our mind it becomes difficult for us to make effective and expeditious decisions . Thus emotional intelligence plays a core part in decision making by giving clear picture of emotions , situations and priorities.